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Murphy Door - Shelves that are Doors!

Murphy Door Single Flush Mount Hardware

Hinges to make Shelves for Secret Room or a Secret Passage!


  • Top and bottom hinge set with pins
  • Pin remover tool
  • Screws
  • Door catch and catch plate

Murphy Door's patented pin hinge system is for experienced carpenters who would like to DIY their door project! These pins allow a single door to hold up to 300 pounds and function with ease.

  • Upper pivot pin is a ball lock pin that can be removed and put into place simply with our pin hinge remover. This is NOT a bolt, that can strip out and cause sag after just a few uses.
  • 3 Year Warranty

Murphy Door Secret Door Kit

Everything you need to make your own secret door shelves

Make a Secret Room or a Secret Passage!

Pre-cut, easy-to-assemble DIY kit to make your own bookcase that is actually a secret door.

Paint Grade MDF

Ready to assemble, includes all necessary hardware, lumber, and fasteners as well as assembly instructions.

Preview assembly on Murphy Door BILT app available on Apple app store or google play store, Search Murphy Door.

Shop Murphy Secret Doors on eBay

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