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Rev-A-Shelf Waste Container Options

Not every cabinet is the same so Rev-A-Shelf offers different mounting options.

Waste containers are available that mount to the cabinet floors, sidewalls or both.

Some Rev-A-Shelf Waste Containers mount to the cabinet door using a patented door mounting bracket that allows you to use the product as you would any other cabinet in your home for a custom look. They fit framed or frameless cabinets that are full height or under a drawer.

Choose from wire frame, dovetailed wood or stainless steel construction.

Waste containers that fit into the counter top are ideal for compost.

Cabinet Floor Mount Rev-A-Shelf Waste Container Options

Floor mount slide-out waste containers made from metal or wood can hold one or two bins.

Rev-A-Shelf Counter Top Mount Waste Containers

Rev-A-Shelf 11-liter Counter Top Mount Waste Containers on Amazon
Rev-A-Shelf 13-liter Counter Top Mount Waste Containers on Amazon

Stainless Steel Ring and Lid
Black Polymer Waste Container with built-in handle
Mounts into countertop

  • Removable container
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Soft rubber inner ring seals odors

Rev-A-Shelf presents another ultramodern innovation with the Counter Mount Waste Container. Ideal for medical offices, retail counters, recreational vehicles, upscale outdoor kitchens, and more; this waste management system sits inside the cabinet with full access to the container from the counter top.

  • 8-060-11SS
    11-liter removable container
    12 1/4" wide x 11 5/8" high

13-liter removable container
12 1/4" wide x 13 1/4" high

Innovation through Organization

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